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Let’s face it. To take that first step to start your own business is not easy if you do not know what you are doing. Where do I start ? What do I need to do ? What is that next step? Will the business be a success? How can I avoid mistakes?

The Step-by-Step Process by Entrepreneur Training Courses is the only online process that combines the development of your mindset with the development of a customized road-map for your business. It develops skills required for your business and what it takes to market and sell your business idea. This process turns uncertainty into a clear and concise business road-map.

The brutal truth is that without this vitally important road-map and blend of skills, the odds of you being successful are pretty slim.

Entrepreneur Training Courses will teach you How to Start or Re-Focus a Business enterprise with a step-by-step guide from where you are right now, to where you want to be and then how to get there with proven tried and tested techniques.

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Online Learning Experience

The term “asynchronous” refers to courses or course elements that can be completed at any time within the parameters of the course schedule. Asynchronous activities are things you do independently, like watch videos, complete assignments and complete progress quizzes. This is all done on a Learning Management Platform (“LMS”) where you can monitor your own progress. This interactive platform provides a streamlined online learning experience which you can do on your home PC, on a cellphone or tablet/iPad via an online app. You can thus learn anywhere an everywhere where you go and use multiple devices.


To pass this course, you will need a cumulative score of at least 50%. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive the Entrepreneur Training Courses Certificate.

Who Should Attend

Although there are no formal education or background requirements, this course is designed for participants who meet the criteria below. While we strongly encourage global participation, please note that all courses are taught in English.


Course Access

In order to access the course, you will receive login credentials via email immediately on enrolling into the course. Activation instructions with your login credentials will be provided and you can start immediately.


Expect to invest about 10 to 12 hours of your time per week to course lessons, exercises, and assignments. The time to do this online course will depend on your business idea. Starting a manufacturing plant will take a lot longer than staring a laundromat as an example. The course can take anything from three weeks to three months dependent on the type of business that you would like to start. The secret is to do each and every assignment as thoroughly as possible for you to reap the rewards.


  • A desire to succeed and to become something else
  • No other experience required
  • Access to a computer or smart phone

What Do Our Students Say ?

The assignments were great and I never knew that I had to do these things to start a business. I was afraid but am finally prepared to take the great step.”-Brenda

It is a lot more content than what I originally thought. I learnt a lot . I like that it is a video course.”-Mike

I am a student in my final year with a B.Comm and want to start my own business. They never taught these lessons at varsity. I now know where to apply what I have learned at University and will apply all the techniques from this course when I start my business. Looking forward to it.”-Steven R

Easy Enrollment Within 5 Minutes

Enroll easily with your credit card or Paypal account. Simply click on the enroll button for a quick and simple automated enrollment process. You will receive your login details instantly and you will be enrolled within 5 minutes from now on the Learning Management platform.


The following agenda is a sample and subject to change.

117 Video lessons

13 Modules


A full introduction is provided explaining how the course works and how to access the required resources. Various e-Books are provided

Module 1

Step-by-step training to cultivate the right mindset for your business – your inner game. Without cultivating the right mindset your risk of failure is increased. This module teaches you how to cultivate that mindset and how to apply it in business and in life.

Module 2

Determining your current and future states. You can only know what your future will look like if you know where you are right now. This module will teach you how to move from your current to your future states in all areas of your life. This is the foundation of your strategy to a sustainable and successful business.

Module 3

This module will define your business idea and teach you how to get one if you do not already have a business idea. Don’t worry if you do not have a business idea. This module will teach you how to find and develop one.

Module 4

This module will teach you how to define your business structures within which your business idea will be sustainable. The wrong business structures can be very expensive to rectify. Make sure you have the right business structure for a successful and sustainable business.

Module 5

This module will teach you how to define your products and/or services with regards to defining market needs, market research, product and service differentiators, defining your product and/or service competitive advantage , core competencies and many more. This provides the foundation to launch your product and/or service the correct way. Learn from mistakes that other people have made and save a vast amount of time, effort and money.

Module 6

In this module you will define your business road-map starting on your vision, mission, core ideologies, objectives, critical success factors, business risks and how to do a detailed SWOT analysis for our prospective business. Learn how to use the correct methodologies and how to integrate this with your business.

Module 7

In this module your will delve into the details of the products and/or services that you will provide with detailed market comparisons, exploring proprietary rights, developing your product and/or service to a marketable product and/or service, launching your product and/or service the correct way and many more…

Module 8

Defining your target market is crucial through correct market analysis techniques . The trend is your friend and defining market trends is crucial for your business success. Detailed product and/ or service differentiators per product and/or service is defined along with promotion and distribution strategies for implementation.

Module 9

Competing with operations is also part of an integrated sales process. The full operational cycle is defined in detail. Your operations will be key to your success. This process ensures that you have defined your operations in detail for a successful and sustainable business venture.

Module 10

Defining your organizational structure and management teams along with defining critical appointments is key to your business success and sustainability. Management compensation, incentives etc are explored and defined in detail. Your business will revolve around your human resources. This process will teach you how to maximize your resources and how to mitigate risks.

Module 11

Defining a financial model for your business enterprise is crucial for the success thereof. The financial model should reflect your business model and should not merely be an income statement. This module will teach you how to create a business model that will reflect your business. Funding options are explored and financial risks are defined along with exit strategies. Know upfront whether your business idea will work or not.

Module 12

In this module you will learn how to convert your business idea into executable action steps. Without action”” their will be no satisf-“action”.

Module 13

If you do not have a business idea then this module will provide access to an existing online business where you can test and implement your skills without any additional costs.

Get These Fantastic Bonuses

Bonus #1 : The Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs


Many successful entrepreneurs have common traits that make them successful. Find out how many of these traits or characteristics do you have. You can cultivate these characteristics to become a successful entrepreneur.

Bonus #2 : The Secrets of Making Money Without a Product

This book reveals the secrets that companies like Uber and Air BNB use to make money without actually developing a product or service.
•Uber us the biggest taxi company in the world without any vehicles.
•Air BNB is the biggest accommodation provider in the world without any properties.
•You can have a business without any products or services.


Bonus #3 : Access to Working Online Business

You will get access to an up and running online business. You will be able to implement the principles of the course in real-time practice. You will also be able to start earning an income from the online course.



Plus These Super Extras…

Extra#1 : Smartphone App

Do the course on your smartphone. You can download the app and have full functionality of the Learning Management System It is easy and convenient.


Extra#2 : Templates

Easy to use templates are provided to assist you in completing assignments and which you can use within your business.



Extra#3 : Certificate

A certificate will be awarded on completion of the course.



Money-back Guarantee

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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